Jurga Ryan

My Story

I was born July 14th 1971, my journey would begin with the foundation of creativity in Kaunas, Lithuania. An offspring of artists myself, the appreciation for art would only fuel a desire to create and be part of in its many forms. Training in Landscape design, it became apparent I saw things from the ground up and life itself would become a focal point in my artistry.

I now reside in Ireland, working and creating in Thurles, Co Tipperary taking in views of life many only glance at. A growing skill to capture things we wish we could stop and breath in, my work gives due to the moments passing and the objects within them. There is no doubt Life keeps me busy as I continue to aim for the realistic style in my oil works. Painting since 2012, the object of my work is second to the feeling I love to share and evoke in each piece. Often the unique and whimsical lines of life lead to finding light we know is there but just didn’t realize how much we see it. Working with watercolors as well, I enjoy letting water exhibit its nature and flow. Preferring not to interfere with this, my work allows a perspective and an enjoyment for letting things be just what they are. A fan of the curvy, the wobbles and the fun form, I hope I will one day paint an entire world of things that continue to make others smile.